How To Tell A Genuine HP Battery Apart From Counterfeits


Laptop batteries are mechanic components that power the computers and usually do not directly contact the charging source. Instead, they are connected to charging cables that pick energy from the chargers. Laptop batteries need to be replaced after some time because they tend to lose their quality. For instance, after several months, a laptop battery may lose its capacity or spot charging. The market features a wide range of places where you can get replacement laptop batteries depending on your laptop brand. HP laptop battery replacement is particularly easy because of the wide range of options. However, when getting a new HP battery, you must ensure that it is genuine. This post guides you on how to pick a genuine HP battery.

Characteristics of a genuine HP battery

One of the most important things you have to do when purchasing a replacement battery for your HP laptop is to check if it is genuine. The following are some characteristics of a genuine HP laptop battery that you should look out for;

1. The HP security label

All genuine HP products, including laptop batteries, usually come with a security label. The label is usually located inside or on the product box. This shows the importance of asking to receive products in their product box. You can use the blue hologram on the label to identify it is original. You can also use the QR code on the label.

You can also check if the HP security label is real by tilting the label bottom side up or left to right and conforming if the OK and checkmark images move in opposite directions. If the marks do not move in this direction, it is an indication that the product is a counterfeit.

You can also use the QR code on the label to check the authenticity of the product. Here, you will need a smartphone and a QR code scanner. Use the app to scan the code and compare the numbers on your screen with the product ID on your product box. If the numbers are not compatible, then the product is a counterfeit.

2. Official HP packaging

Another characteristic of a genuine HP laptop battery is if it comes in the official HP packaging. Having the HP title and logo on the packaging does not prove that the product is authentic. Some counterfeits usually come in generic paper, or they are double-packed. If you purchased your laptop directly from HP, you should be able to tell the difference between generic packaging and the real deal.

3. The tracking number starts with a 6

You can also check if your HP battery is genuine by examining the tracking number. This number is usually located on the battery, on a white sticker. The tracking numbers for authentic HP products usually start with a 6.

Final word

You can also tell if the battery is counterfeit by comparing the price with the suggested prices on the official HP platform. More often than not, counterfeit products are usually much lower in price than the original ones. Therefore, if you notice a significant price difference, it is clear that the product is not genuine. You can also check for any misspelled words on the labels, as this is one of the easiest ways to tell genuine and fake products apart.


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