Choosing A Hot Tub That Is Suitable For You


If you are in the market searching for a hot tub, then chances are you have come across so many options. They all range from a small size that can only fit two to a big hot tub that fits eight people. With all these options, you are bound to be confused about how to settle. Many people leave it to chance and get a hot tub they will not use.

With the variety of hot tub options, you need to get a tub that works for you and your needs. To do this, you must get some background information about the different pools available, and only then can you get a suitable hot tub for you.

Types of hot tubs

Regardless of the size, all hot tubs fall into three main categories. Making decisions here will help you narrow down the available options in the market.

1. Portable

Portable hot tubs are tubs that, with a little help, can be moved from one area to another. The name can fool you into thinking they are easy to carry around, which is not the case. The reason for this is, they are above the ground tubs and get installed after they have already been constructed. A portable hot tub offers a lot of flexibility since you can choose to install it above the ground or vault it to the ground. You also have the option of switching it from indoor to outdoor and vice versa.

2. Inground

Just as the name suggests, this type of pool is vaulted to the ground. If you want this in your home, then you will have to talk to the professionals and have them come and build it in your home alongside the building plans. In many cases, you will need a special permit to get this done. Once built, you cannot move it around unless you demolish it and rebuild it again. The good thing about this tub is it can be built to match your home style. You do not have to worry about it sticking out since it will be made to blend with the home décor.

3. Inflatable

Another option available in the market is the inflatable hot tub. Setting up the tub is very fast and easy. They also cost way less than the other two varieties. The tubs can be deflated and fit into the trunk of a car, making them the perfect thing to bring along when you are traveling. They can be used the same way the other two tubs are used with regard to water quality. The biggest disadvantage with these tubs is they do not have designated seating like the other two tubs. One cannot use them in temperatures below 40F, although you have the option of bringing them inside during such weather.

Final thoughts

Knowing the different types of hot tubs available in the market is very important. You get to know their perks and their installation costs. In doing so, you can easily decide on whether the pool you picked works for you or not.


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