A Comprehensive guide for the Best Labelling Machine


Labels are everywhere; they market the manufacturer, pass over instruction and help you organize the cabinet, and so do labeling machines. A single machine can label thousands of products from different industries.

With a market saturated with wonderful offers from plastic bag labeling machines to handheld label printers, it is easy to get lost between the shelves while finding the best equipment. If you are one of those people who can’t narrow down to a specific product, continue reading this article.

Begin by setting your budget 

The cost of a plastic bag labeling machine can start from a couple of dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on sophistication. A simple handheld labeler cost less than a thousand bucks. But as your output continues to grow, demand for bigger automatic labelers becomes evident.

A complex plastic bag labeling machine offered by CONSUNG Packaging Machine can sell up to $ 11000. The machine is fully fitted with a label feeder, adjustable guides and a collection center. So, when setting up the budget, consider your needs and future plans.

What is the size of your containers?

There are thousands of different-sized plastic containers out there which require labeling. A single machine cannot label all plastics.

Some automatic plastic bag labeling machines may accommodate only small bags. If you try labeling larger bags, the machine might stop or malfunction. So, it is better to stay within the accepted lane by choosing the right machine for your products.

Machine features

Machine features are closely related to your needs and cost. Under this, you may look for the following;

  • Label dimensions
  • Variants
  • Product dimension
  • Machine requirements (power consumption, size and maintenance needs)

Purchase a machine that has outstanding features overall.  You may also look into shipping requirements as it may affect the cost of the unit.


Production requirements do change, but with a flexible machine, you can adjust quickly. Go for a versatile machine capable of adjusting to minor variations, understanding consumer needs and integrating seamlessly with technology.


Though speed is not always an indicator of quality products, it plays an important role in narrowing down to specific selection. Faster machines are preferred because they increase general productivity and can keep up with demand.

However, a machine’s production capacity may be determined by the sophistication and size of the label. Large labels take longer to make; thus, a plastic bag will remain in the machine for long.

Sales Support

A sales support team that works harmoniously with manufacturers and distributors is the best. You are sure of the quality of the product by the fact they work wholeheartedly to meet your demands. An excellent salesperson will also provide critical and detailed information about the machine without referring anywhere. This is essential when you want urgent information about repairs.

To wrap up, there are many ways you can use to select a high-quality plastic bag labeling machine. Remember to choose only the best and stay connected for more information.


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